Embrace Conference - 2016

A Call to Biblical Mentoring

We want to invite ladies of all ages to join us, whether you're in jr. high or you're 110! The purpose of this conference is to embrace and share the heart of Titus 2:3-5. We believe in order to grow in Christ and continually become the person God is shaping us to be,
that the body of Christ is instrumental. Even though pain may occur in the body of believers, healing from that pain comes in community as well. It’s here where questions can be answered, lessons can be shared, and wisdom can be gleaned. It is invaluable to have someone come along-side us and share a different perspective, to cheer and to challenge, to encourage, to offer hope, a listening ear and a safe place to be real. It’s here where Christ can be sought together. It’s here where our faith can be lived out and lives can be changed. 

Psalm 71: 17-18
“Since my youth, God, you have taught me, and to this day I declare your marvelous deeds. Even when I am old
and gray, do not forsake me, my God, till I declare your power to the next generation, your mighty acts to all who are to come.”
Psalm 71: 17-18

Rebecca Miller - Main Speaker
Rebecca Miller was born in Southern Iowa. She has been married to her husband, Jim for 34 years and has two grown sons and one granddaughter. She is the owner of Rebecca’s Bistro, located in Walnut Creek, OH. One of her passions is to bring greater awareness
& clarity to what a women’s design is according to biblical truths. She enjoys mentoring and encouraging younger women. Outside of helping at the restaurant or mentoring, Rebecca enjoys cooking, biking, and being with her family. Her and Jim also enjoy hosting
people in their home.

Work Shops

1. Prayer - Kendra Kaufman

Prayer is essential both in our own relationship with Christ and also with those we mentor. In this workshop, we will uncover the practical tools to apply prayer in our lives and our relationships. This workshop will also include a time of prayer.

2. Ways to Grow in Loving God’s Word - Marjie Gerber

The Word of God is timeless, no matter the season or generation you come from. In this workshop, Marjie brings both encouragement and ideas of how we can delight in and love God’s Word, and in doing so, continue to grow in Christ as well as in our
relationships with others

3. But you gotta have friends! - Gwyn McCaslin

We were made for relationship, Ladies! But what happens when our best efforts to make and build friendships turn to ash and our hearts are left burnt, too scared to try again! This workshop will attempt to explore what goes wrong, ways to prevent the burn and best of all, ways to heal and build safe friendships.

4. Identity in Christ - Monika Zinck

The feeling of self worth is an ongoing struggle. Circumstances and people can either put us on a mountain top or into a major funk. How can I live so my focus is on Christ and not on how I feel or view myself ? This workshop will explore how we can align our thinking with God’s way of thinking.

5. Titus 2: Doing Life Together - Jocelyn Hamsher

This workshop aims to paint the “practicals” of mentoring and walking alongside other women. We’ll answer questions like “How do I begin? What do our times spent together look like? How long of a commitment am I making?” Types of mentoring will be discussed as well as the myths that can keep us from walking with others who are longing for support and encouragement.

6. Godly influence for the next generation - Bobbi Hershberger, Tracy Erb, Esther Troyer & Gayle Miller

This workshop will feature ways to implement Titus 2 into the lives of our children and youngest members of the body of Christ. Come and hear from a panel of mothers who serve children and teens within the local church.