Equipped & Empowered

E2 Course Info

Course Overview

It is the right and privilege of every believer to experience the joy of having God work through them to glorify His name. The Equipped and Empowered Course (E2) exists to help empower partners at Mercy Hill toward this end.

The E2 course is a year-long training process that will help you discover, develop and deploy your God given calling and gifting for the growth of the body (the church) and the advancement of the gospel. It is our desire to have every member at Mercy Hill putting their primary ministry energy into what they feel God calling them to do over the long run of our time together as a local church. The course is specifically designed to help each participant become more fluent in the gospel, mature in their gifting, and practically equipped for the mission of making disciples of all nations.

This year E2 will run from March 2019 to March 2020. The year is divided into two parts. The first 6 months consist of training, learning and group discussion that that will help you understand how God has made you and to listen for what He has called you to do. Over this time we will help you gather a small team (2-4 people), with whom you will engage in some sort of intentional mission to grow the body and/or advance the gospel. The second 6 months will simply consist of you and your team engaging in this mission, while continuing to meet monthly for training, prayer, coaching and encouragement. At the end of the second 6 months you will be able to decide if you would like to continue with the mission or put your ministry energy into something else.

Course Requirements

  • Must be a partner at Mercy Hill (attend partnership class and hand in partnership form)
  • Attend 12 Training sessions (1 per month) each lasting approx. 3-4 hours. These will usually be held on Sunday evenings with the possibility of a few being on Saturday morning.
  • 2-4 hours of homework per week (approx. 15-35 min. Per day)
  • Willingness to work with a team
  • Willingness to be transparent and held accountable
  • A hunger to grow in Christ-likeness and a desire to serve others
  • Willingness to do new things and engage in intentional mission

Deadline to sign-up is March 17th